Electronic mailing list subscribers are users that receive bulk emails, including weekly and/or monthly newsletters. Based on the mailing list client application that is used to manage a given list, they may have registered personally, giving their explicit consent to be part of the mailing list, or they may have been added manually. The latter suggests that they will technically receive unsolicited messages. Generally, subscribers can be managed by the mailing list administrator who can include or delete them, or they can unsubscribe manually if they don’t want to get email messages in the future. All subscribers will always receive the same message provided that they are part of one and the same mailing list, but a single member will never be able to view the other mailing list members in the "To" section of the email.
Mailing List Members in Website Hosting
If you’ve got a Linux website hosting service on our cutting-edge cloud platform, you’ll be able to create electronic mailing lists and to manage their members with ease. We use a powerful application called Majordomo, which comes with lots of features and it is hardly a surprise that it’s among the most widely used mailing list client applications out there. Including or removing a mailing list subscriber is truly easy – you simply need to send an email message with a certain command in the message body to majordomo@your-domain-name.com, which goes to say that you will not even have to sign into the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. In the very same way, you can also view all current members of any mailing list that you create. In case you have any difficulties, you can read the how-to articles that we’ve added in the Email Manager section of the Control Panel or you can touch base with our technical support team, which is available to you 24/7/365.
Mailing List Members in Semi-dedicated Hosting
With our Linux semi-dedicated services, there’s no restriction on the number of electronic mailing list members that you can add. You can administer the subscriptions without any difficulty using the Majordomo software program that we offer with each and every account and the moment you set up a new mailing list via the Hepsia hosting Control Panel’s Email Manager section, you’ll be able to include new mailing list subscribers. The latter will get an email in order to confirm that they are willing to get your newsletters in the future and when they do this, they will be added to the list. Removing a member or viewing all active subscribers is also quite easy and involves sending an email to the mailing list’s administrator email address, so you’ll be able to administer everything even if you aren’t logged into your hosting Control Panel. We’ve also got how-to articles with handy information.